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The Vector W2 was a fully functional concept car intended for production constructed by Vector Motors in 1978. It had a Bosch fuel injected twin-turbocharged 350 cid (5.7 L) aluminum Chevrolet V8 engine that produced over 600 hp (450 kW) and over 600 ft·lbf (800 N·m) of torque. The top speed was a claimed 242 mph (389 km/h). The name comes from the "W" for Jerry Wiegert (designer and founder The Vector W8 is a sports car produced by American automobile manufacturer Vector Aeromotive Corporation from 1989 to 1993. It was designed by company founder and chief designer Gerald Wiegert while receiving refinements by Vector's head of engineering David Kostka. The W8 was the production version of the Vector W2 prototype that the company demonstrated throughout the 1980s.The Vector W2. Vector W2. The W2 concept appeared in 1978. Like the first car, it was immobile at the time of its show debut, but in 1979, a running prototype was constructed. The vehicle traveled over 100,000 miles (160,000 km), the most of any concept vehicle. The W2 was extensively covered • Nothing like the Vector W2 has ever rolled the face of the earth before, and the earth should count itself lucky. Wiegert at War, that's what this game is called, and by comparison Parker Since then he has been responsible for the corporate organization and design and development of the new Vector Avtech WX8 automobile. Mr. Wiegert developed the conceptual specifications and was responsible for the engineering, styling and overall design of the original Vector W2, Vector W8 and all Vector Avtech WX3 prototypes.

Every auto enthusiast's dream in the 80's was to have these 3 cars lock horns,& one lucky man had this chance. The V8 engined W2 Twin Turbo , 20 years advanced in my opinion (5 point seat belts The Vector W8 Twin Turbo was one of the wildest and most expensive cars of it's time. It was one of those spectacular failures like the DeLorean and the Tucker. Because it failed, people assumed Vector W2 on The Late Show Vector Motors Mike. Loading Unsubscribe from Vector Motors Mike? VECTOR W2/ VECTOR W2-A promo pt.2 - Duration: 7:35. vectorfiles 9,320 views.The Vector W2 was a car produced by boutique American manufacturer Vector in the 1980s. It weighed only 158kg and only one was ever produced. It had a top speed of over 200mph and could get to 60mph in under 4 seconds. The engine was a 5.7 litre Chevrolet V8 and produced about 600bhp. See Autopedia's comprehensive Vector W2 Review. Contents[show] Recent Changes Mention any minor facelifts or The Vector M12 was a sports car manufactured by Vector Aeromotive under parent company Megatech, and was the first car produced after the hostile takeover of the company from Jerry Wiegert by the Indonesian company Megatech. The model was produced from 1995 to 1999, when production was halted, partly due to slow sales of the cars and mismanagement [according to whom?] of the company.

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