Picture Of HIV Virus Vector

Construction of the sin-HIV-1 based vector. The picture shows all the proteins of HIV-1 are driven by the CMV promoter. For the actual production of virus most of the proteins are deleted as in the second and third generation of HIV-1 based vectors.

22.10.2019 A viral vector is a virus which has been modified in a laboratory environment for the purpose of introducing genetic material into a cell. There are a number of uses for viral vectors including therapeutic treatments for disease gene therapy and pure research. Labs all over the world make viral vectors for their own research and produce 20.09.2008 In this case HIV the HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS. (This is probably what ur instructor is looking for. How does it affect humans The body has Lymphocytes (white blood cells) are cells of the immune system There are 2 types B cells which secrete antigen and T cells which directly attack and destroy infected or cancerous cells. HIV invades T

Picture Of HIV Virus Vector Vector Collection