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02.08.2012 On this day I decided to take a close look at the new Hoyt Vector Turbo. The Vector is sporting a new Cam the RKT Cam. The Cam promises a smoother draw cycle or smoother than the Rampage and the CRT both use the older Fuel Cam. I first shot the bow through the chronograph. The bow had a 29 inch draw length shooting at 64 lbs. I shot a Gold Benutzerbewertung 55Ive never been a new-bow-a-year kind of guyfar from it actually. I hunted with the same Mathews MQ1 Id had since college up until a few seasons ago. But Ive been playing with a Hoyt Vector Turbo the last few days the speed bow in Hoyts 2012 lineup and so far I like itmore than I like my old (2011) bow.Autor Will BrantleyFull set of custom made compound bowstring and cables for your hoyt vector turbo compound bow. A normal set of bow strings will be either a bowstring and cable for a single cam bow or a bow string and 2 cables for dual or hybrid cam bows.

11.02.2012 I went with the turbo because it was about 10fps faster then the Vector 32 or the Element. The BH was 34 less but the ATA was 3 more so those things might cancel each other out . I also like the Hoyt bows pretty much do get the speeds they claim. Hoyt uses ATA speed not IBO which is much more standardized comparison test.Find great deals on eBay for hoyt vector turbo and hoyt defiant turbo. Shop with confidence.The smoothest fastest compound bow Hoyt has ever produced. With an actual speed of 340 fps Speed isnt the Vector Turbos only attribute it is loaded with all of Hoyts 2012 technology including the RKT adjustable Cam and a Half System with ErgoDraw Technology. Silent fast and accurate

16.04.2012 Okay with all or just about all the new bows for 2012 out I have finally bit the bullet and decided to get a new bow for this year.a new-to-me 2012 Hoyt Vector Turbo. Specd at 29 inches DL and 60 lbs DW Id have to say it is probably one of the sweetest shooters I have had the chance to Used to build things like high-performance fighter jets carbons strength-to-weight ratio is unrivaled. At just 1.2 pounds the Carbon RX-3 frames are extremely durable easily surviving our brutal 1500 dry-fire and 1 million cycle tests not to mention a 7000-pound truck.

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