GFP Lentiviral Vector

These lentiviral vectors allow you to deliver and stably express your gene of interest as a fluorescent fusion protein in virtually any cell type including dividing and nondividing cells stem cells terminally differentiated cells and neuronal cells.Popular Lentiviral Transfer Plasmids. The lentiviral genome (i.e. the genetic material enclosed in the viral particle) is delivered to a target cell upon infection.

Use this control vector to co-transfect along with lentivirus packaging vectors to make a recombinant control lentivirus.Lentiviral Expression Plasmids & Lentiviral Vectors Get reliable stable gene expression from SBIs highly-regarded lentivectorsour wide range of promoters and reporters support a Plasmid pRecLV103-GFP-PGBD5 from Dr. Alex Kentsiss lab contains the insert PGBD5 and is published in Elife. 2015 Sep 254. pii e10565. doi 10.7554eLife.10565. This plasmid is available through Addgene.

Alternatively you could ligate a multiple cloning site (MCS) from a separate vector into the single site in the lentiviral vector and generate more useful restriction sites. For more information about cloning and changing a MCS visit Addgenes Plasmid Reference and Protocol Guide .Lentiviral vectors as gene delivery tool are modified from HIV-1 with many of the viral genes removed. The lentiviral vector only contain the LTRs and the packaging signal . Lentiviral packaging genes are provided on separate plasmids so the pseudo lentiviral particles are replication deficient.

GFP Lentiviral Vector Vector Collection