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Vector One can help insurance companies control debit balance issues by giving subscribers the tools necessary to make better informed licensing and contracting decisions. Vector One subscribers learn about prospective producers with a history of debit balance issues with other Vector One subscribers BEFORE contracting the producers.I am an insurance agent. There is a company called Vector-One that Insurance companies submit reports if the claim you owe them commissions they advanced. I had a claim put on this report. I did not owe it and I refused to pay. It has been well past 7 years I have asked to have it removed. However Vector-One claims they can keep it on the report forever and they are not subject to the statute 07.03.2013 Re Agent Ignorance About Being Put on the Vectorlist He will be put on vector and he will not be able to get appointed to any other carriers until it is paid also threy will turn him in to a collection agency and he will take a hit on his credit report. tell him to pay the 300 and forget it if he is writing that much it should not be a

Advertising vector cartoon of an insurance agent. Smiling man in formal suit showing the thumbs up gesture and holding poster reading insurance.

List view. This is a list of your collections. You can change their names and they are sorted by use. Click on one of them to start using it.Patient Card Or Medical Form List With Results Data And Approved Check Mark Vector Illustration Flat Cartoon Clinical Checklist Document Report With Checkbox Insurance Or Prescription Record Clipart

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