Hand Drawn Vector

This tutorial will help you master turning your very own hand drawn icons into vector shapes in Photoshop. You can follow this tutorial with any line drawings and it doesnt necessarily have to be a hand drawing that you start with.

A few ideas have been burning (another) hole in my head and I just had to get them out. Ive wanted to build shapes that look hand-drawn for quite some time.

Vector Conversion. Vector Conversion is the process of reproducing raster images in vector format. Raster are common image file formats such as jpg & png and are widely used on the web.Hi there Elizabeth 250 of the vector illustrations and the mock-ups were included in the old bundles (mostly in the Massive Colossal). Regarding the fonts because you said you also have the Ultimate Font Bundle this time around you get 5 extended font families and we

Hand Drawn Vector Vector Collection