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Vector would like you to know that his tiny frame hides a very impressive collection of technology. Qualcomm 200 Platform HD camera with 120 Ultra Wide FOV Beamforming Four-Microphone Array Infrared Laser Scanner 6-Axis IMU High-Res Color IPS Display and WiFi connection.

Vector Techs driving philosophy is to deliver to its customers cutting-edge technology and performance along with rock-solid support. Vector Technology delivers the best PC experience period but what does that mean It means the best parts and technology the computer industry has to offer. It means world class support from day one and Vector Vector Electronics and Technology VME VME64x cPCI Chassis System Enclosures Backplanes Subracks Test Extenders

Welcome to Vector. For 30 years Vector has been your competent partner for the development of automotive electronics. Driven by our passion for technology we develop solutions that help engineers to manage their demanding tasks.Vector has secured exclusive Australasian rights to world leading Internet of Energy (IoE) technology. It enables unprecedented options to integrate and develop new energy solutions for customers and the management of multiple technologies on the companys networks.

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