Kriss Vector Glock Carbine Rifle

The Kriss Vector CRB is the non-NFA semi-automatic carbine variant with a 16 barrel. The Defiance Kriss stock provides a wide range of adjustment and length of pull.Feb 03 2016 I would like a semi-auto pistol caliber carbine. This is new territory for me Ive never really looked into these weapons. Caliber is not a major factor - 9mm .40 or .45 are fine.May 20 2017 Ill have to look into this one. Ive actually been torn between Kriss Vector with the newly legal SB brace or a Vector Uzi. Quite a difference in price between the two.

A carbine ( k r b i n or k r b a n ) from French carabine is a long gun firearm but with a shorter barrel than a rifle or musket. Many carbines are shortened versions of full-length rifles shooting the same ammunition while others fire lower-powered ammunition including types designed for pistols.425.00 - 850.00 Demolition Ranch UDR-15 AR15 Airsoft AEG Training Rifle by EMG F-1 Firearms(RUDOLPHS EPIC DEAL) FN Herstal Licensed SCAR-L Full Size LPAEG Airsoft AEG Rifle by Cybergun 48.00 Save 26%. 65.00

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Kriss Vector Glock Carbine Rifle Vector Collection