Despicable Me Gru Vector

Despicable me is Simply Hilarious. This Movie is not just for kids Adults are going to enjoy it even more. The youngest girl in it is sooooooo cute.Following the success of the film Despicable me many online games related to this film are presented.The games turn around the main characters in the film such as Gru-a super villain his minions three adopted girls and Vector-a rival of Gru.

50 despicable me coloring pages to print and color.Dru Charming wealthy larger-than-life and with a full head of flowing blond hair Dru is Grus opposite in every way. He is the life of the party and seems to be able to do everything his heart desires except follow in the family tradition of becoming a world-class villain.

Despicable me Cast. Gru - the main protagonist and the worlds former 1 super-villain. He intends to shrink and steal the moon to gain status and approval from his mother. Victor Vector Perkins - the main antagonist and the worlds nerdy new 1 super-villain after stealing the great Pyramid of Giza. He creates weapons using sea creatures.

Despicable Me Gru Vector Vector Collection