Commutative Vector

The diagonal OC represents the resultant vector From above figure it is clear that This fact is referred to as the commutative law of vectr addition .Commutative. Vector addition is commutative just like addition of real numbers. Commutative Property a b b a. If you start from point P you end up at the same spot no Unless the ground field has characteristic 2 (and if you dont know what that means you may safely assume it is not) subtraction is not commutative in any nontrivial vector space.

Scalar multiplication of two vectors (to give the so-called dot product) is commutative (i.e. ab ba) but vector multiplication (to give the cross product) is not (i.e. a b b a). The commutative law does not necessarily hold for multiplication of conditionally convergent series.Definition The Commutative property states that order does not matter. Multiplication and addition are commutative. Product of scalar and a vector Product of scalar k and a vector P have the same direction as P (if k is positive) or opposite direction (if k is negative) and a magnitude equal to the product of magnitude P and the absolute value of k.

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