Su-35 Thrust Vectoring

The Su-35s thrust-vectoring system and integrated flight- and propulsion-control systems allow the aircraft to attain supermaneuverability enabling it to perform post-stall manoeuvres at low speeds.Variants Sukhoi Su-37Number built Su-27M 14 Su-35S 82 (68 for Russia 14 for export)Unit cost US4065 million (Su-35S)Su-35 Flanker-E thrust vectoring nozzles for the KittyHawk kit. This product represents the full-open thrust vectoring nozzles as we can see them on the actual aircrafts shut down engines.Brand A.M.U.R. ReaverThe pilot does a quick pitch up with power. The thrust vectored engines angle their thrust up which pushes the tail down. This vectored thrust basically ignores any lift forces on the wings or tail forcing the aircraft to pitch up into and past the stall point.

In recent years the star of the show has been the Su-35 Russia top-of-the-line Flanker derivative that features a digital fly-by-wire flight control system three dimensional thrust vectoring nozzles and uprated AL-41F1S engines pumping out roughly 32000 pounds of thrust each.

Su-35 Thrust Vectoring Vector Collection