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Normal to surfaces in 3D space Calculating a surface normal. For a convex polygon (such as a triangle) a surface normal can be calculated as the vector cross product of two (non-parallel) edges of the polygon.. For a plane given by the equation the vector () is a normal.. For a plane given by the equation () i.e. a is a point on the plane and b and c are (non-parallel A vector space (also called a linear space) is a collection of objects called vectors which may be added together and multiplied (scaled) by numbers called scalars.Scalars are often taken to be real numbers but there are also vector spaces with scalar multiplication by complex numbers rational numbers or generally any field.The operations of vector addition and scalar multiplication Chart Downloader for NOAA ENC The Electronic Navigational Charts are available in S-57 format. Users Agreement to Terms and Conditions. There are several options for downloading

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