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By definition vector is a combination of a direction and value while scalar is characterized only by value. To measure a vector is to characterize both its direction (in one form or another) and a value (usually a number).So if you have a vector given by the coordinates (3 4) its magnitude is 5 and its angle is 53 degrees. Sample question Convert the vector given by the coordinates (1.0 5.0) into magnitudeangle format.A measurement that has magnitude and direction. The magnitude is equal to the absolute value of the vector measurement. For example Velocity is a vector measurement. A velocity of -20 miles per 1

Scalar is the measurement of a medium strictly in magnitude. Vector is a measurement that refers to both the magnitude of the medium as well as the direction of the movement the medium has taken. Scalar quantities as stated above are the measurements that strictly refer to the magnitude of the In physics to take angles (or direction) into account when measuring force you need to do a little vector addition. Take a look at the following figure. Here the mass m isnt moving and youre applying a force F to hold it stationary. Heres the question What force is the pulleys Vector Quantities (which do contain statements of direction) are not so typical kinds of measurements used by most of us in everyday situations. In fact vector quantities are seldom used outside of math science and engineering except in descriptive conversations where someone is giving or describing directions.

A vector with a direction of 270 degrees is a vector that has been rotated 270 degrees in a counterclockwise direction relative to due east. This is one of the most common conventions for the direction of a vector and will be utilized throughout this unit.The direction of a vector is the measure of the angle it makes with a horizontal line . One of the following formulas can be used to find the direction of a vector tan y x where x is the horizontal change and y is the vertical changeVector Direction This web page is designed to provide some additional practice with the use of scaled vector diagrams for the representation of the magnitude and direction of a vector.A vector quantity that represents the time-rate of change of v Two or more vectors whose combind effect equals that of a give A vector quantity that represents the length and direction of

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