Vectorscope Analyzer

A vectorscope is a special type of oscilloscope used in both audio and video applications. Whereas an oscilloscope or waveform monitor normally displays a plot of signal vs. time a vectorscope displays an X-Y plot of two signals which can reveal details about the relationship between these two signals. Vectorscopes are highly similar in operation to A signal analyzer is an instrument that measures the magnitude and phase of the input signal at a single frequency within the IF bandwidth of the instrument. It employs digital techniques to extract useful information that is carried by an electrical signal. In common usage the term is related to both spectrum analyzers and vector signal analyzers. Drastic 4kScope Version 6 is the worlds most powerful 4K through SD software signal monitoring tool and HDR image analyzer. It includes waveform (luma YCbCr RGB) vectorscope histogram chromaticity and datapicture monitor for video. Audio histogram phase RMS peak and loudness monitoring for up to 16 channels.

Ascendant (Ya Shun) Technology Corp. was established in Nov. 2002 with Initial Capital of 10M NT dedicated in providing Test & Measurement Solution for Video Electronics and Optical Industry.LEFT COLUMN Indicates that a PDF scan of the Manual for that item is available from one of the web sites listed below B BAMA (Boat Anchor Manual Archive) Web Site K KO4BB Web Site E Ebaman Site M Manoman Site NOTE The PDF anchors in the left columns do NOT point to any downloadable files but are setup for local use.Tektronix 021-0144-00 4010 Series Terminal Interface for 4921 4922 Flexible Disc Memory Instruction Manual

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