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ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Vector - AS3 Properties Properties Constructor Methods One of the new ActionScript features included in the Flash Player 10 Public Beta is the inclusion of a Vector class. Essentially the Vector class is a typed Array and in addition to ensuring your collection is type safe can also provide (sometimes significant) performance improvements over using an Array.In ActionScript 3 a vector index begins at 0 meaning the first element of the vector is the 0th element. Individual values of the vector are accessed by using the same syntax as you would use with an arraythe name of the vector followed by square brackets and the index you wish to retrieve.

ActionScript 3 Vector Array Performance Comparison Wednesday September 24 2008 In my original post on the new Flash Player 10 Vector class I did a simple example that showed Vectors being slightly faster than Array Performance array element access and iteration are much faster when using a Vector instance than when using an Array. Type safety in strict mode the compiler can var vectorVector.uint new Vector.uint() or var vectorVector.uint vector new Vector.uint() This kind of behavior can greatly increase the performance of the script running in the AVM.

Drawing Vectors Using AS3 Graphics Class By Riyadh Al-Balushi This tutorial will teach you the basics on how to draw simple vector shapes in ActionScript 3.0.To convert a bitmap to a vector Create a new ActionScript 3 FLA file and save it as trace-bitmap.fla. Rename Layer 1 to assets. Import an image into Flash Professional (File Import Import to Stage). Select the image and launch the Trace Bitmap dialog box (Modify Bitmap Trace Bitmap).

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