Certified Windows Security Specialist (CWSS) The Certified Windows Security Specialist (CWSS) certification is designed to assess the knowledge and skill set of designing implementing maintaining a security Windows operating system environment.Certified Reverse Engineering Analyst (CREA) The CREA is a multiple part exam. The first portion consists of a 50 question multiple choice style exam.In cryptography a message authentication code (MAC) sometimes known as a tag is a short piece of information used to authenticate a messagein other words to confirm that the message came from the stated sender

Penetration Testing Professional (PTP) is the premier online penetration testing course that teaches all the skills needed to be a professional penetration tester including report writing and hands-on labs.Complete Technical Acronyms Glossary & Definitions for PC SAN NAS QA Testing HDTV Wireless Linux Embedded Networks Video Digital pharma Unix Video Windows Audio with Links to Supporting Information and to related Books

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