Cloning Plasmids As Vectors

A vector in molecular biology refers to a plasmid that is engineered to make it a more useful tool for molecular biologists (all vectors are plasmids but not all plasmids are vectors). Vectors are designed for a variety of applications including easy cloning of foreign DNA and easy expression of foreign proteins.Selecting the Cloning System and Plasmid All plasmids are compatible with standard cloning Compatible with many pre-existing cloning vectors and a range of DNA Cloning Vectors. Takaras DNA cloning vectors pKF pSTV28 pSTV29 pTV118N pTWV228 and pUC118 may be used for the following cloning

What is a plasmid Plasmids are fragments of Commonly used cloning vectors include Gateway entry vectors and TOPO cloning vectors. Expression Plasmids Types of Cloning Vectors. Cosmids - an extrachromosomal circular DNA molecule that combines features of plasmids and phage cloning limit - 35-50 kbProtocols for plasmid cloning by PCR. Login Create You may not be able to create an account or request plasmids through this website until you

Cloning Plasmids As Vectors Vector Collection