Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter Eggs Greeting Card

Spring is finally hereee...well according to the calendar it is. April 1st is tomorrow, but unfortunately it's still pretty chilly up here in the Northeast...supposed to snow tonight into tomorrow! I wish it were an April Fool's Day joke!

Well crafting about Spring definitely has me thinking about warmer weather, and Spring/Easter Cards! Here is a cute and colorful greeting card I made with Easter Eggs in mind :)

I posted two pics so that you could see the different colors and materials of the ribbons. Although I'd love to use up the ribbon I have, so that I can run out and get more (wink!), I was glad I could use up the smaller scrap pieces rather than throw them away. I knew there was a reason for keeping them!

If you have any questions regarding the materials/techniques used, be sure leave me a comment or send me a can find most of the materials at my Stampin' Up Site...Enjoy!

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Please email me if you have any questions :)
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  1. Hi ! I’m Sweet Jane from A Virtual House of Cards, and I’m stopping by to give a fellow scrapper some sister support.

    And guess what…MOMO SENT ME! What a good idea she has had to boost our “Followers” lists. Please return the favor and visit my site and be my “Follower” too. Keep on scrappin’!

  2. This is so so cute!!! I have come from Momo's blog and I am so glad that I have. Your a very talented in what you do.

    I am so looking forward to seeing more of you work.

    Feel free to come over to my blog

    Happy again to find your blog


  3. Hey Gopi... Thanks for visiting my blog... loved the easter card and was even more excited when i saw the tutorial... just that its difficult to get all these things here in india... Still gonna try it out....

  4. love this card!!!! this is such an awesome idea. great job.

  5. Such a bright happy card! Love the texture of the ribbon as eggs!


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